Did you know…

Displaying your family portraits prominently in your home has proven psychological benefits for your children and the family as a whole?

This is a blog I’ve long wanted to write, as it’s something I believe passionately about. But procrastination (and the never-ending to-do list) made sure I didn’t get around to it. But when I received a wonderful message from one of my clients, who mentioned how her children loved seeing their framed portraits up on the wall, I felt compelled to finally put a few words together on the subject!

In a world of smart phones, selfies and digital images that get lost in time… it’s worth remembering that printed photos in your home are not just “nice” to have, they serve a very important function in the psychology of your family.

Your child’s portrait on display can boost their self-esteem

According to psychologists, having your children’s portraits displayed in the home can actually increase your child’s self-esteem.

And it makes sense.

Your children’s photographs have an important role to play in how they develop their identity and self-image. So, seeing their portraits displayed proudly on the walls of your home sends a strong visual cue that they are loved, valued and worthy.

Family wall gallery displayed in dining room

Create a sense of belonging with family wall art

Even more important than your children’s portraits are your family portraits – photos which show them together with you, full of warmth, cuddles and connection. Which lets them know that they are an important part of the family unit and crucially, when they see these photos displayed in your home, they instinctively know they belong, they are loved and cared for.

Your children will see their best selves and the best you see in them.

Similarly, you will see YOUR best self and the best your children see in you (rather than focusing on your personal hang-ups, like us harsh self-critics tend to do… But that’s for another blog!)

Framed family photos are a symbol of your values

Displaying family portraits prominently on the walls of your home sends a message about what you value and hold most dear. It’s a public statement of how proud you are of them. They’ll intuitively learn the importance of family values, as well as instilling a healthy element of sentimentality, togetherness and family pride.

Display your most precious photos for a daily dose of joy

Your family wall art serves as an important daily reminder, in the midst of the inevitable chaos and challenges of family life, of all of the love you have for each other. They can give you a reason to pause – a moment to breathe, smile and remember what it’s all about… family, memories, belonging, love. They can help you to reset your mind. Because sometimes we all need reminding of what’s most important.

Your family portraits: to print or not to print?

I think we can all agree on the answer, but I also know the reality of just how hard it is to get around to actually printing photographs these days. Never mind figuring out how to tastefully display them. For most of us, it’s another big job on the to-do list. And photographers are increasingly delivering images electronically. It seems pretty convenient and certainly more affordable – but it’s a false economy, unless you’re confident about completing the job yourself.

When you display beautifully printed family portraits on your wall, it offers so much more than a digital on your phone or a social media post ever can, scrolled past in seconds.

Your family artwork represents so much more to your child than you think.

So, don’t let your precious captured moments get lost inside the digital abyss – instead find a professional photographer who fits your family’s unique style and who can elevate them into powerful expressions of your love, care and family values.