Covid 19 Response Plan

As we emerge from lockdown and adjust to our “new normal”, the first thing on our minds is keeping ourselves, our families and our loved ones safe. The virus will be with us for some time, so I want to reassure my clients that I am committed to providing a healthy and safe photography experience for everyone involved. As I start to take bookings again, I also want to outline the precautions I will be taking to ensure I play my part in minimising the spread of the virus.

Thankfully, as a lifestyle photographer, I only need to make small adjustments to how I work, meaning your experience will not be compromised at all. So, we can carry on capturing beautiful and meaningful photographs of your family, just like before!

Your Consultation Session

A pre-session consultation has always been an important phase in planning your perfect photography session. We discuss your vision, what to expect and how to prepare. The only difference is that now we will also discuss potential risks and agree safety protocols to ensure we are both adequately protected. I will also confirm if you or any family member fall in to a high-risk or vulnerable category so that we can ensure to put additional necessary measures in place.

You will be required to complete a Covid-19 screening form the day before your session, to ensure no family members have symptoms, etc., in which case we will reschedule your session. I will also personally ensure that for every session, I feel fully well and fit to work and if in any doubt, we will reschedule your session. Similarly, if any of my family members are displaying symptoms consistent with Covid 19 we will also reschedule your session.

Your Photo Session

Outdoor Sessions

As a lifestyle photographer, a large portion of my sessions take place outside. With lots of quiet locations to choose from and using my long-range lens as my primary equipment, keeping a 2m physical distance isn’t an issue. So overall, there shouldn’t be much difference to how an outdoor session takes place. The only exception is how I engage with the kids in my family sessions. Previously, I would often ask them to “help me out” with taking a picture, sometimes share a toy or do a little high five etc. While this is now not possible, I have many more little tricks up my sleeve to warm them up for the session!

While newborn sessions more frequently take place in your home, outdoors is also a possibility during the warmer summer months (in fact, I photographed three newborns during my lockdown doorstep portraits series and they worked out beautifully!) This wouldn’t work for other styles of newborn photography, but it works wonderfully well for lifestyle photography, which is what I specialise in.

Indoor Sessions

While outdoors is possible for newborns during the summer months, I would normally visit you and your new arrival in the comfort of your own home. Other sessions, such as headshots and personal branding, also sometimes take place indoors. Of course, current restrictions now need to be considered, but thankfully they don’t pose too much of a problem. As a lifestyle photographer, there is no need for physical contact with you or your baby to create stunning photographs. Lifestyle photography is all about keeping things as natural as possible and when photographing your newborn, it’s less about perfect posing and more about emotional connection! That said, being indoors means taking a few additional precautions.

  • Physical DistanceI will ensure safe physical distancing in so far as possible, shooting with a longer lens if necessary and where conditions allow. In the brief occasions during your shoot where this is not possible, I will minimise any direct close contact and adhere to strict hand and respiratory hygiene practices, as outlined below.
  • Hand HygieneAt all times I will adhere to excellent hand hygiene practices – including regular hand sanitising. While it’s possible to completely avoid handling your baby during the session, in the interest of creating beautiful images, there may be situations where I will feel it’s necessary to adjust you, your baby, or another family member’s position. However, contact will be kept to a minimum.
  • Respiratory HygieneNaturally we all need to ensure correct respiratory hygiene practices to protect each other during a session, so when I am in your home, I will wear a face covering.
  • Cleaning ProtocolsNewborn sessions can sometimes include me wrapping your baby in a swaddle for some of the photographs, if requested. But this is not necessary. If and when we decide to use them, any  wraps or blankets will be washed and sanitised prior to your session.
  • VentilationWhilst shooting indoors, in your home or onsite, I will ensure we incorporate window ventilation to assist with air flow, where at all possible.

I want to reassure you that all of my photo sessions will continue to be very relaxed, enjoyable and in the case of newborns, totally baby-led. Maintaining physical distance, I will continue to give plenty of direction and guidance, so that we can create beautiful photographs for you to cherish. There will be some inevitable moments where brief physical contact may be necessary, in which case I will ensure to adhere to the above precautions.

Your Reveal Session

Your Reveal Session normally takes place in person, either in your home or in my home. Here is where you view your edited gallery of images and choose your products. We can still do this maintaining the required physical distance and adhering to the hand and respiratory hygiene practices above, but to further mimimise contact, it is also possible to carry out this session virtually. Together, we can agree the most appropriate option in your situation!

What Next?

I will continue to monitor how I work as we navigate our way through these strange times. This is an ever changing situation and as public heath advice evolves, I will make the necessary amendments to ensure that you get the best possible experience, enjoy your session and cherish your photographs for years to come.

We are living through a very significant time in our history right now, where many of us are remembering to value and cherish our families in a way we haven’t before and a family photo session will be a lifetime legacy of that. If you’d like to book a session or simply find out more information, you can contact me here!

``Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures``. Don McCullin


Updated July 2020