Fuss-free family photography!

I’m here to capture your unique family story and all joy and love you share together. I see like a mother, I create like an artist and I make it my mission at every stage of the process to ensure the experience is as stress free and effortless as possible.

With three kids of my own, I totally get it – you want beautiful family photos but the mere thought of getting everyone organised for a professional photo session can often feel like too much. Family life is hectic and there are countless other priorities right now, so you continue to put it on the long finger. But you’re conscious of how quickly they’re growing and changing before your very eyes!

Don’t you wish sometimes we could just slow it all down? Sadly, we can’t.

But we CAN preserve these precious, fleeting moments… and it doesn’t need to be as fussy as you think!

Let me take care of you from start to finish

I’m all about providing you with a full end-to-end service to ensure your photography experience, from start to finish, never becomes a source of stress.


“What on earth should we wear?” Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! During our consultation, I give you advice and guidance on all of this and I also provide you with a detailed style guide to ensure you nail it every time!


“What if the kids don’t behave?” As a mum of three, there is literally nothing I haven’t seen! Plus, I never expect perfectly behaved kids anyway. I want them to feel comfortable to be themselves – that’s when we capture those truly natural and beautiful expressions and moments. And if they’re struggling, I have countless tricks up my sleeve to get them on board! So, all you need to do is get them there and leave the rest to me!


“How’s best to display the photos?” I believe it’s only half a service if you’re just left with more digitals and the overwhelming task of figuring out what to do next (and invariably they remain on your hardrive, along with your other photos… and on your to-do list!) That’s why I’m passionate about providing professional guidance on displaying your photos, along with a choice of carefully curated professional products, so that you come away from the experience with something tangible and beautiful, ready to display and enjoy!

Michelle Fitzgerald

“Maria was absolutely amazing! I have 3 little boys that were extremely grumpy and I never manage to get pictures where everybody looks good, yet she did it!! I’m so happy we did the photo shoot as we will cherish the pictures forever. Will definitely get her to take future pictures too!”

Embracing environmental portraits… naturally

My style is authentic, vibrant and modern and my photos embrace your natural environment as part of your story. I really believe that having your family portraits taken in your own home or somewhere that you love spending time together, or simply a beautiful landscape reflecting your love of nature, is so much more meaningful than any generic studio portrait.

Using the natural environment to situate your photos gives them context, relateability and tells a story. They have the power to transport you back to “that time” – whatever that time is for you and your family. And what could be more beautiful?

I provide a relaxed and enjoyable photography experience, giving you the confidence to show up just as you are… naturally. I don’t dress you up in flowing gowns, your kids in trending outfits or your baby in cheesy props. I do give you style advice, which I believe makes all the difference to your final images. But I want you to be real. I want you look and feel like yourself. As these are the photos that will mean the most in years to come.

My family photos often involve a lot of movement (life with a young family is not static and neither should your photos be!) while my newborn photos are much more chilled, as we go with the flow and follow your baby’s lead.

I take an intuitive approach overall. But don’t worry, I give you plenty of prompts and direction, so you’re never feeling awkward or wondering what to do!

If you are based in Dublin, Meath, Kildare or Wicklow and this sounds like your thing, then I’d love to hear from you!

Timeless family art on the walls of your home!

You have a great camera on your smart phone and thousands of digital images at your fingertips. You capture precious memories of your children every day with ease. It’s convenient, right? But how many of those photos will stand the test of time? Are YOU even IN any of those photos with your family? (Awkward selfies don’t count!)

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you to create photographs that are truly special, timeless and unique to your family, that you can proudly display on your wall, enjoy every day and pass down through generations.

Furthermore, displaying your photos prominently on your walls as pieces of family art to be enjoyed by all, sends a powerful message about what you value and cherish most in this world – your family and your family’s unique story.

During your in-person viewing session, you can choose from a tasteful collection of high-end art products, hand-picked for their style, quality and craftsmanship, so that you can be confident your memories are preserved forever.

For more information about products and packages, click below.

Shaughna Whelan

“I booked a family photo session to mark two landmark birthdays… It is without doubt the best gift I could get! I loved working with Maria. She achieved such beautiful, relaxed outdoor photos… Everything she did was extremely professional and with great attention to detail… The results are beyond my expectations! I’d highly recommend Maria and I’d strongly consider making the investment in capturing your own family”.

Are we a match? Get to know me better…

I’m a recovering perfectionist, eternal optimist, chronic night owl, coffee junkie and I simply can’t be without my skinny jeans – comfy, versatile and timeless!

I value family, nature, integrity and creativity, I’m always up for an adventure and I’m so grateful that I get to do what I do!

Day to day you will find me racing around the locality with my little people, trying to keep up with their various activities and enviable social lives. They are my absolute inspiration!

Relaxation bliss is curled up with the hubby, a good movie and a glass of wine (although I’ve recently discovered the joys of a refreshing G&T).

As for credentials, I studied both film and digital photography as part of a Degree in Communication Studies at DCU, but photography is a passion that goes way back to my childhood, when my dad first introduced me to his film SLR.

Prior to starting my photography business, I pursued a Masters in HR and a corporate career for 10 years… talk about a square peg in a round hole!

Once my kiddos came along though, my priorities changed and the passion and motivation to follow my dreams was stronger than the fear and excuses not to. So in 2017 I ditched my corporate career and set up my business as a full-time professional photographer. I did all of this while raising a young family and working more late nights than I care to remember!

Making the leap to entrepreneurship while balancing family life has been the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

So, whether it’s family or brand photography you need, with a deep understanding of family life as well as entrepreneurship, I’ve got you covered.

If you would like to book a photo session, or schedule a non-salesy phone consultation to have all your questions answered, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

``The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.`` Andy Warhol